August 9th Deaths

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August 9th, 2007 (August 09 2007)DeathJoe O Donnell, American documentary photographer, photojournalist (born in 1922)
August 9th, 2006 (August 09 2006)DeathJames van Allen, American physicist (born in 1914)James Allen Quotes
August 9th, 2006 (August 09 2006)DeathPhilip E. High, science fiction author (born in 1914)
August 9th, 2005 (August 09 2005)DeathMatthew McGrory, American actor (born in 1973)
August 9th, 2005 (August 09 2005)DeathJudith Rossner, American novelist (born in 1935)
August 9th, 2004 (August 09 2004)DeathRobert Lecourt, French politician and president of the European Court of Justice (born in 1908)
August 9th, 2004 (August 09 2004)DeathTony Mottola, American guitarist (born in 1918)
August 9th, 2004 (August 09 2004)DeathDavid Raksin, American film director (born in 1912)
August 9th, 2003 (August 09 2003)DeathRay Harford, English footballer and manager (born in 1945)
August 9th, 2003 (August 09 2003)DeathGregory Hines, American actor and dancer (born in 1946)
August 9th, 2003 (August 09 2003)DeathJacques Deray, French film director (born in 1929)
August 9th, 2003 (August 09 2003)DeathChester Ludgin, American baritone (born in 1925)
August 9th, 2002 (August 09 2002)DeathPaul Samson, British guitarist (Samson) (born in 1953)
August 9th, 2002 (August 09 2002)DeathPeter Neville, anarchist, sociologist, and peace activist
August 9th, 2000 (August 09 2000)DeathJohn Harsanyi, Hungarian-born economist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1920)
August 9th, 2000 (August 09 2000)DeathNicholas Markowitz-kidnapped and murder by Jesse James Hollywood (born in 1984)James Wood Quotes
August 9th, 1999 (August 09 1999)DeathFouad Serageddin, Egyptian politician (born in 1910)
August 9th, 1996 (August 09 1996)DeathSir Frank Whittle, invented the jet engine (born in 1907)
August 9th, 1995 (August 09 1995)DeathJerry Garcia, American musician (Grateful Dead) (born in 1942)Jerry Garcia Quotes
August 9th, 1990 (August 09 1990)DeathJoe Mercer, English footballer (born in 1914)
August 9th, 1988 (August 09 1988)DeathGiacinto Scelsi, Italian composer (born in 1905)
August 9th, 1985 (August 09 1985)DeathClive Churchill, Australian rugby league footballer (born in 1927)
August 9th, 1979 (August 09 1979)DeathWalter O Malley, baseball executive (born in 1903)
August 9th, 1979 (August 09 1979)DeathRaymond Washington, founder of Los Angeles, California gang, the Crips
August 9th, 1975 (August 09 1975)DeathDmitri Shostakovich, Russian composer (born in 1906)Dmitri Shostakovich Quotes
August 9th, 1974 (August 09 1974)DeathBill Chase, American trumpet player and bandleader (born in 1934)
August 9th, 1969 (August 09 1969)DeathCecil Frank Powell, British physicist, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1903)
August 9th, 1969 (August 09 1969)DeathAbigail Folger, American heiress (murdered) (born in 1943)
August 9th, 1969 (August 09 1969)DeathWojciech Frykowski, Polish writer (murdered) (born in 1936)
August 9th, 1969 (August 09 1969)DeathJay Sebring, American hair stylist (murdered) (born in 1933)
August 9th, 1969 (August 09 1969)DeathSharon Tate, American actress (murdered) (born in 1943)Sharon Tate Quotes
August 9th, 1969 (August 09 1969)DeathSteven Parent, American student (murdered) (born in 1951)
August 9th, 1967 (August 09 1967)DeathJoe Orton, English writer (born in 1933)Joe Orton Quotes
August 9th, 1962 (August 09 1962)DeathHermann Hesse, German-born writer, Nobel Prize Laureate (born in 1877)Hermann Hesse Quotes
August 9th, 1957 (August 09 1957)DeathCarl Clauberg, Nazi doctor (born in 1898)Carl Clauberg Quotes
August 9th, 1945 (August 09 1945)DeathHarry Hillman, American athlete (born in 1881)
August 9th, 1945 (August 09 1945)DeathRobert Hampton Gray, last Canadian Victoria Cross recipient (born in 1917)
August 9th, 1942 (August 09 1942)DeathEdith Stein, (St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross) (executed) (born in 1891)Ben Stein Quotes
August 9th, 1919 (August 09 1919)DeathRuggiero Leoncavallo, Italian composer (born in 1857)
August 9th, 1886 (August 09 1886)DeathSamuel Ferguson, Northern Irish poet and artist (born in 1810)
August 9th, 1837 (August 09 1837)DeathXavier Sigalon, French painter (born in 1787)
August 9th, 1816 (August 09 1816)DeathJohann August Apel, German jurist and writer (born in 1771)
August 9th, 1744 (August 09 1744)DeathJames Brydges, 1st Duke of Chandos, English patron of the arts (born in 1673)
August 9th, 1720 (August 09 1720)DeathSimon Ockley, English orientalist (born in 1678)
August 9th, 1634 (August 09 1634)DeathWilliam Noy, English jurist (born in 1577)
August 9th, 1601 (August 09 1601)DeathMichael the Brave, Prince of Wallachia (born in 1558)
August 9th, 1534 (August 09 1534)DeathCardinal Cajetan, Italian theologian (born in 1470)
August 9th, 1250 (August 09 1250)DeathKing Eric IV of Denmark (born in 1216)
August 9th, 1173 (August 09 1173)DeathNajm ad-Din Ayyub, father of Saladin
August 9th, 1107 (August 09 1107)DeathEmperor Horikawa of Japan (born in 1079)
August 9th, 0803 (August 09 0803)DeathByzantine Empress Irene (born in 752)
August 9th, 0378 (August 09 0378)DeathValens, Roman Emperor (killed in battle) (born in 328)
August 9th, 0117 (August 09 0117)DeathTrajan, Roman Emperor (born in 53)

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